About MARKET-UP platform

The entire MARKET-UP program works according to the formula:

Σ 3

Three main aspects of the program together give an endless, unlimited income for all participants of the platform:

1. A platform, a symbiosis of an information and advertising site, as well as a service for those who want to keep an informational social blog.
2. A marketplace where everyone can both create their own and find vouchers of other participants for the maximum possible discounts on goods and services presented on this site.
3. MARKET-UP is a place where everyone has the opportunity to receive a constant, unlimited and stable income by selling their vouchers and vouchers of other program participants.

On the MARKET-UP platform, even a novice businessman can become successful an entrepreneur, promoting his business, creating vouchers on the site that provide permanent discounts on goods and services, thereby attracting the attention of consumers. And also to recommend and advertise the business and vouchers of other users of the platform, offering the opportunity to their friends and acquaintances.

The MARKET-UP blog is an open social page where the user regularly publishes excerpts from his life, describes his hobbies or business, events and thoughts on a particular topic.

"MARKET-UP" is a platform where users advertise and offer their vouchers, as well as vouchers of other marketplace participants, while receiving a considerable passive income.

By participating in the referral-partner program, each participant monthly replenishes his gallery with their own vouchers, as well as vouchers of other program participants, which ensures a constant large increase in the variety of offers necessary in everyday life.

The MARKET-UP platform uses a unique blockchain technology identifier to number each original voucher with a verified name, as well as to store data in the internal network of the MARKET-UP marketplace.

Decentralized marketing is powered by revolutionary smart contract technology. Payment for purchased vouchers goes directly to the personal wallet of the seller. The SMART contract code of the MARKET-UP marketplace is completely open, so you can be completely confident in the security and long-term operation of the project.

The service supports the most popular cryptocurrencies. All funds go directly from the buyer to the seller, all income belongs only to the seller, without any hidden fees.